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Bleach Pens
Teeth Whitening Pen - New Product!

We know that nothing whitens teeth better than custom-made bleaching trays that fit your teeth exactly. (This we know because we are one of the few direct-to-client providers of custom teeth-whitening trays.) However, the brush-on bleaching pens are actually quite effective-- and they have the ability to whiten using the smallest amount of bleaching gel.

We have great pricing on our newest product: Teeth whitening click pens! No bleaching trays needed.

CAUTION: Avoid bleaching gel contact with skin or gums. If you do not think you can be careful enough with our thick brush-on gel, then continue using your custom teeth bleaching trays.

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Teeth Bleaching Pen 44% Gel
by Precision Care Dental™
  • 44% fresh bleaching gel
  • Handy bleaching pen for on-the-go touch-ups
  • 3.2 ml = 25 uses
  • Simply click, brush on and smile!
  • Same strong carbamide peroxide gel that we use with custom-fitted trays
  • This brush-on method uses the least amount of gel to achieve the maximum whiteness
  • It is possible to achieve acurate and professional results without custom-formed bleaching trays
  • First whitening- use up to 10 days once a day
  • Then use for touch-ups as needed
  • An easy way to touch up specific spots
  • Avoid bleaching gel contact with skin & gums
  • Due to the personal nature of this product, all sales are final
  • Only $.99 S/H
  • BEST DEAL- Order 2 pens from link at left
Retail Price: $29
OUR PRICE: $18   |   Order Now!